Child Support

You don't need to have contributed child support to know that Child Support is a complex and sometimes unfair scheme. Unfortunately, the IRD staff who administrate it are not always friendly nor altogether helpful. Nevertheless, whether a payer or recipient, you have to live with the scheme and at the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre we can help you:

  • Understand your obligations
  • Apply for support as a custodian parent
  • Appeal against Child Support assessments received
  • Resist intrusive Child Support Admin Reviews
  • Identify which of your income sources will add to your liability under the scheme
  • Organise your finances accordingly
  • Protect your assets from future claims
  • Understand how it interacts with Working for Families Tax Credits
Many in business plan for and worry about their Income Tax but take Child Support liabilities for granted, despite the fact that Child Support represents a major tax, which just doesn't make sense. Consult the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre for practical and down-to-earth advice on Child Support.