Due Diligence

In the build-up to buying a business, it is important to objectively assess the financial performance and position of the business prior to making an unconditional offer. 

The process of this financial due diligence can be a complex process: 
  • The right questions need to be asked
  • Enough detail needs to be obtained to provide the comfort that the results are not inflated and are sustainable
  • The impact of the existing owner's exit needs taken into account
  • Timeframes and access to information can be challenging
  • We know all the right questions to ask, what information and records to sight and analyse, and the right people to speak to. 
We generally provide a comprehensive financial due diligence report - which provides you with a comprehensive analysis on the acquiree's financial performance, position, and commentary on the operation's controls and systems. The level of work performed and areas covered, will be tailored to the specific circumstances of your transaction. 

However, where you are planning to undertake your own due diligence, we can also provide assistance on areas that are outside your expertise - for instance, taxation due diligence.