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KiwiSaver Questions in New Zealand Answered

Watch this video on KiwiSaver as we answer some of your more common questions: 
  • Why is it important to make my contributions by 30 June each year? 
  • Should I have a KiwiSaver account if I have a mortgage to pay? 
  • What if I don't start my KiwiSaver until I am older?

Are you looking forward too or dreading retirement? 

Back in the heady days of the booming eighties it was not untypical to hear people talking about retiring in their fifties. What with the global recession, easy credit and uncertainty in the property and share markets it's more a case of whether we can ever retire, especially with us all living longer these days. So how might you survive in retirement?

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Retiring on NZ Super

I think I must be getting old because several of my friends have been talking about the hassle they've had in claiming NZ Super. Mind you, perhaps they only had hassle because of their personal circumstances, but certainly they didn't seem to enjoy the process of meeting WINZ to initiate the commencement of their NZ super payments. Read more…