Business Facebook Made Easy

 Nick Roberts


Facebook has dominated teen on-line activity for a while now, but can be used for much more. Savvy businesses have tapped into the power of Facebook to develop and promote their businesses. Here are 12 steps to getting the most out of Facebook for business:

Step 1. Have a clear idea of who you want to be connecting with.

Step 2. Before embarking on Social Media, remember this type of marketing requires managing.

Step 3. Naming your Facebook Page is key and adding a geographical location increases "Likes". Just like Google, it's what people organically search for.

Step 4. Together, your page description & Cover Image are your elevator pitch or shop window. It's what people look at before "Liking" your page. Rules on Cover Images have changed to allow more text, but just remember a picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Step 5. Link to Twitter to double your online presence with zero effort - better now as Facebook introduces Twitter style #HashTags.

Step 6. Invite people to like your page. 30 "Fans" means you can access Facebook Insights (see Step 11).

Step 7. Have a plan, post 1-3 times daily to increase reach but no more! Don't become SPAM!

Step 8. Make Step 7 easier by using content from your blog or site, articles that your target market would like, daily specials, questions, insights, quotes or pictures.

Step 9. Be active & build relationships with other page owners. Some are happy to promote you to their Fans but just be sure to return the favour.

Step 10. Reply to comments - this is after all Social Media.

Step 11. Monitor! It is worthless unless you can track results.

Step 12. Advertising & Promoting are Facebook's paid options, worth investigating as large coverage for very little money.


Be careful though and don't get carried away and spend excessive time on your Facebook page - it should just be a small part of your overall marketing strategy!

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