Setting your Prices Made Easy

Deciding where to set your prices is a tricky issue so what factors do you need to take into account when setting prices?

  • What prices are your competitors charging? If low, are their costs lower? If high, what, if any, additional value are they providing to justify their pricing?

  • Your level of costs/business infrastructure. Do you have high business overheads or extravagant tastes? Do you have a fancy office or work from home? You need to know your overheads, drawings and break-even point.

  • Are you a new or an established business? Despite the difficulty in increasing prices later it's a common strategy to gain market share quicker by undercutting the competition. On the other hand if you're established or reputable you can charge more. 

  • Your value proposition - where are you positioning your business in terms of adding value? At the $2 Shop end or on the luxury side? For more on this see "Adding Value Made Easy" on but in a nutshell customers don't choose a supplier by price alone, they consider a range of other factors like service, reputation or location.

If you'd like to learn more about pricing I have some useful pricing calculators and checklists.

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