Proactive Accountancy Advice Made Easy

Nick Roberts


Is your accountant reactive or proactive? Take our simple 10 question test:

1. Do you have to call them when you have an issue or do they call you to "check-in" to see how things are going regularly?

2. Do you visit them only when you have to or do they ask to see you or visit you frequently?

3. It's almost a surprise when they contact you or do they have a regular communication programme that does not cost you anything?

4. Do they charge you by the hour for everything they do or do you know in advance what it's going to cost you?

5. Do you receive surprise bills from the IRD or are you advised in advance of the tax due?

6. Do they tell you what to do or do they explain what to do and how to do it?

7. They only offer you what you legally have to buy (tax returns and annual financials that add minimal value) or do they offer you a range of business improvement, systems and marketing services to help you get on?

8. They do not understand your business and take little interest in you or do they understand your situation and are very interested in your welfare?

9. They never explain your annual financials or do they take the time to explain these to you and use these as the starting point to help you better manage your finances and business?

10. Do they effectively say "good luck, you're on your own" or do they offer you real help to plan and achieve your goals, financial and otherwise?

More about recognising reactive/proactive accountants in this article.

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