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Located in Havelock North, we service the Hawke's Bay region and beyond.  Most business owners wish their accountant gave them some good, honest advice on how to get ahead. Well, that's what we provide: effective and value for money advice on how to grow your business, how to pay less tax, maximise asset protection and create wealth. This is what you get:

Our custom-built individual solutions are tailored to your unique needs.  Get the services and advice you really want, when it suits you.  Select from impromptu advice through to a complete outsourced finance and administration package or long term business improvement program

Proactive support
Because you can't ask about what you don't know, we make sure to provide the information you need in a proactive manner.

Real answers
We determine the issues that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Then, help you find the solutions to your frustrations and reduce the emotional cost of being in business.

Total support
We always give something extra and nothing is too much trouble for us.

Financial security
At age 65, only 6 percent of Kiwi's are financially secure.
Do you want to be poor, with no control, without time or money freedom or be wealthy? We can help you become financially independent, retire early, enjoy more leisure time and take control of your life.

100% fee guarantee
In the unlikely event you are not happy with our work, you won't have to pay for any part of our work that is not up-to-scratch.  You will be the sole judge of our performance.

Reduced taxes
We will ensure you are not paying too much tax yet keep you out of trouble with the IRD. 

Real understanding
We take the time to explain things properly and communicate in plain English.

Guaranteed response times
We will return your calls and emails the same day, your letters the same day and your year-end financials within a month of the receipt of all necessary information.

If we fail to deliver on our guarantee you don't pay for the work or the advice!

Save time and energy
We provide everything you need in one location. Our 23+ years in accountancy, tax, finance, business and profit improvement, business generally, management, HR, marketing and customer service means we can help you in virtually all areas of business.

Easier for you

  • We will meet you wherever suits you and wherever you feel most comfortable - our office, your home or business or a local café.
  • Our advice will be much more effective if we fully understand your business which sometimes, is only possible if we see your business in operation.
  • You'll deal with same person each time to ensure you get consistent levels of attention and service.

Fee options
To make life easy for you, we provide four service options:

  • Fixed monthly investment (inclusive of routine telephone & e-mail advice)
  • Fixed price quote
  • Value for money hourly rate
  • Mix & Match - fixed for accounting and tax, additional work at hourly rate

No secrets
You will know (well in advance) the basis of our charges and what advice or services you are going to invest in. This means no more unpleasant surprises, no stress and no more time wasted arguing about fees. You will know what our services are going to cost, you can take advantage of our free advice facilities and you can budget accordingly.

We also invoice regularly, normally monthly, which enables you to spread your investment, keep track of your overheads, recover the GST quicker and get tax relief earlier.

We don't make hidden profits, receive commissions on the side or charge sham disbursements.

Vital information for you
For a low, fixed monthly investment, we can provide you with up-to-date and regular management information enabling you to manage your business more effectively.

We analyse the figures, benchmark your results and use them to improve your business.  Move your business forward with our support.

What to do next?

See how we can assist you:

  • Boost your profits 
  • Slash your taxes 
  • Get your finances in order 
  • Help you create wealth

To experience the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre's innovative and fresh approach, we'll even pay for the first meeting you have with us.

Call us or email for your free no-obligation initial business consultation.