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  • Transparent, Fair Pricing with No Surprises and Easy Payment Terms. You Don't Have to Pay if You're Not Completely Satisfied
  • Informal, Friendly, Totally Accessible and Providing Personal Stress Free Accounting, Tax and Business Advice AND we Visit You 
  • Totally Business Focussed to Help you Improve Your Business Through Knowledge, Training, Mentoring, Goal Setting and Accountability  

As you can tell from our name, although we act for all types of clients, we are business experts and therefore specialise in advising and helping business owners to grow improve their businesses and their profitability. 

Although some may call themselves business advisers virtually all the other accounting firms in Hawke's Bay focus on year-end financials and Tax Returns and hardly ever leave their offices. Yes, these are a necessary evil (and are something we do extremely well with the minimum of fuss and bother) but year-end financials prepared many months after the year-end are absolutely useless for managing a business and for growing profitability and turnover. Our approach to business is to regard the annual financials as just the starting point in helping our clients, not the end of our involvement in their businesses for another year. 

Most small business owners operate completely in the dark, with no meaningful business information to manage their business and base decisions on. At the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre our philosophy is to go out and meet our clients and help to improve their businesses and profits. We believe that investing time and effort in introducing systems which will deliver up-to-date, specifically tailored, regular and key business information, will place a business owner in the best possible position to thrive and get a better lifestyle. These systems will analyse profitability or lack of it, keep an eye on the current financial position of a business and monitor non-financial performance in areas critical to business success e.g. prospect conversion rates, labour productivity or the average $ sale or customer spend. 

In addition, we offer our clients practical and down-to-earth advice across a huge range of important business areas including business start-ups, business structures, personal guarantees, asset protection, risk minimisation, marketing, trusts, debt collection, fraud protection, business financing, business acquisitions and selling businesses to name but a few. 

The extra things we do for our clients

So here are the most important extra things we do for our clients other than help them improve their businesses: 

  • Helping business owners understand and interpret financial information
  • Goal setting and business planning
  • Monitoring and reporting especially Key Performance Indicators
  • Helping them get more customers or clients
  • Provide accountability
  • Provide our clients with business and tax information for free.

The Next Step  

Call us today or email  for a free no-obligation meeting to find out how we can help your business thrive.