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Xero is an online accounting solution. This means that you don't need to install anything on your computer and that you can access, work on your data from anywhere. Obviously this also means that it's a built-in feature to share your accounts with your accountant.

At the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre we take the guesswork out of business decision-making by using Xero to provide essential business information before it's too late to make a difference. We also use Xero to systemise and improve the profitability of YOUR business by categorising and analysing your business information.

Xero sells itself as the easiest accounting solution in the world and is fast gaining in popularity.  Here are some of its features:

  • Online Accounting
    See your cashflow in real time. Just login anytime, anywhere.

  • Bank Reconciliation
    Automatically import and code your bank transactions

  • Invoicing
    Automatically send invoices and get paid online

  • Add-ons
    Pick from a wide selection of powerful add-ons such as: payroll, job tracking, point of sale, inventory, e-commerce, payment, CRM, time tracking, custom integration.

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