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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for me?

Business and finance can be complicated and it's often necessary to seek help to work your way through life's little business and financial problems. With the A+BAC all-new totally free Business and Financial Advisory Service you get the benefit of the expertise and know-how of Nick Roberts who has spent over 30 years at the coal face of SME's and advising clients on business and financial matters. You get advice on a huge range of issues from mortgages to rates rebates, business finance to budgeting, Kiwi Saver to Child Support as well as how to get more customers and improve your business.

Take business for example. What three things are easy to do but would make an immediate difference to your business by improving your profits or ensuring your business survival?

  • Work out your break-even point taking into account your drawings and tax payments or your budgeted profit. This is a simple but probably the most important piece of information you need to know in your business.
  • Review your prices. When was the last time you reviewed your prices to make sure your covering all your costs?
  • An 80/20 analysis of your customers. Give or take a bit, 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your decent business whereas the 80% will just keep you busy.  Grade your customers and get rid of the D & E's (your worst customers) before they ruin your life!

These are just three of the many things I can help you with to make your business thrive.


What types of advice are included?

Business matters, asset protection, HR, Family Tax Credits, payroll, Paid Parental Leave, marketing, Child Support, retirement, Kiwi Saver and superannuation and other Government assistance and financial issues generally.


What types of advice are excluded?

Accountancy and tax advice. In addition, advice on ACC and specialist matters e.g. legal or for example disputes about employment. 


How do I get this advice from you?

By e-mail, telephone or face-to-face. In addition, you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions of our free advice service.


What will this advice cost?

All this advice is free to A+BAC clients - plus maybe a bit of time because you'll be so pleased with our advice you'll want to refer some friends and relatives! For non-clients the cost is $150 + GST per hour.


Are there any restrictions on the level of advice I can receive?

Yes, we may refuse to give you advice or further assistance if you ignore what we say, fail to take action following the advice given or your fees are overdue. 

In addition, we will charge you at our normal charge rates if you would like us to put our advice into practice for you or do the actual work in your business. Here are some examples of what is and is not included:


  What's Included  What's Excluded 
Business Advice  Advice, Action Plans, Templates and Guides and Handouts.  Doing the actual work in your business or putting the advice into practice. 
  For example, we won't prepare your business plan for you but we will tell you how to prepare the plan and give you the tools and templates for the job.

Family Tax Credits 

Advice, checking Family Tax Credits assessments and statements, assistance completing paperwork and liaising with the IRD. 

Representation for an IRD enquiry. 

Child Support 

Advice, checking Child Support assessments and statements, assistance completing any paperwork and liaising with the IRD. 

Child Support Admin reviews or IRD enquiries.

Marketing advice

Advice, Action Plans, Templates and Guides and Handouts.  Doing the actual marketing work for you or putting the advice into practice.
  For example, we won't put your referral strategies into practice for you but we will help you come up with the best referral strategies and give you the tools and templates for the job.

Financial advice 

Advice and assistance on finance and financial matters e.g. budgeting and cash flow forecasting, tools and templates and how to apply for loans or mortgages or which finance source is the best deal. 

Preparing the loan application forms or the budgets and cash flow forecasts for you. 

Payroll matters 

Advice and assistance on payroll matters including payroll software and related issues e.g. annual leave entitlements.

Payroll processing or employer returns.

Retirement, Superannuation and other Government assistance

Advice and assistance generally and with completing paperwork and liaising with the relevant Government department.


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