Free Business and Financial Advisory Service 


Terms and Conditions

By using this service you will be taken to have accepted the terms and conditions below: 

  1. We may provide advice and assistance to you on business matters, asset protection, HR, Family Tax Credits, payroll, Paid Parental Leave, marketing, Child Support, retirement, KiwiSaver, superannuation and other Government assistance and financial issues generally. 
  2. We will not provide accountancy and tax advice and assistance to you under this service. Nor will we provide you with advice on ACC and specialist matters e.g. legal or for example disputes about employment. 
  3. Reflecting its free status, any advice provided to you is discretionary, subject to circumstances and as such, the service can be withdrawn at any time.
  4. The cost of this service to non-clients is $150 + GST per hour.
  5. This advice is free to A+BAC clients subject to:
  • You being up-to-date with your fees or if you have agreed a payment plan with us, you having kept-up-to-date with the payment plan.
  • You acknowledge that this service is free but that our time is very valuable and we are busy professionals, so if you ignore our advice or fail to take action following the advice given, we may refuse to provide you with further advice under the scheme.
  • If you are pleased with our advice and assistance you agree you will look for opportunities to refer friends and relatives to the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre.
  • You also acknowledge that if you instruct us to put our advice into practice for you or do the actual work in your business then we will charge you at our normal charge rates or on a fixed quote basis as agreed between us.
  1. Advice provided through this service relates specifically to the facts as outlined in your questions or the instructions received from you. Our advice is provided for general assistance and guidance only, and does not necessarily reflect the view or policy of the relevant government departments. Our advice and assistance is not intended to constitute legal, investment, financial or other professional advice. To the extent that any background facts provided by you are incorrect or incomplete then our advice or assistance should not be relied upon. It remains your responsibility to apply your judgement to the issues involved and to your specific circumstances.