IRD Contact & Mediation

Unfortunately avoiding taxes is impossible, therefore having contact with the IRD is a necessary evil. The problem is that to the layperson, the IRD speak a different language. In addition, as is the often the case in life, it's better to use an intermediary to put distance between the IRD and you, take the emotion off the situation and give you the time to think and reflect on things before answering any questions or volunteering any information.

At the Accountancy and Business Advice Centre we have been speaking to and dealing with the IRD for 28 years, so we not only speak their language but understand how their minds work. This means you get the best deal in any given situation, are protected from any over-zealous IRD officials and are not bothered by the often unnecessary deluge of letters and demands from the IRD.

Contact us today to find out what we can do you to get the IRD off your back.