Business Improvement Made Easy

It's a great shame that so few business owners make the most of their accountant. Yes it's true the accountant prepares the annual financials and tax returns but a good accountant is capable of much more. Here are a few things they can help you with. 

Regular Management Information 
To run a successful business you need timely and regular management information throughout the year and there's a proven link between the availability of regular financial information and business survival. With modern, low-cost accounting software it's never been easier.

Break-Even Point
For smaller businesses knowing your break-even point is vital to your ongoing business survival. And don't forget to ask your accountant to take account of your drawings, tax & ACC.

Analysing Financial Data
Get your accountant to explain your annual financials and look at trends, your gross profit margin and working capital tied up in Accounts Receivable or inventory.

Key Performance Indicators
You need to monitor the factors in your business that are critical to your success. For a trade business, for example, these would include labour productivity and the average hourly labour charge.

Cash Is King
It's important to understand the difference between cash and profit. Over 60% of businesses that go bust are still profitable!

Learn from Success
Your accountant has exposure to a lot of successful businesses so ask them how you compare with other businesses and what those who are very successful are doing.

Business improvement doesn't have to involve complex or costly business strategies, it's often just common sense and making the most of the available resources. Your accountant should be one of the most important.

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