Marketing Checklist - Standing out from the Crowd

Summarise what you do in a dramatic and compelling way e.g. I sell lifestyles, so that people say "How do you do that?"


Look & sound like an expert in your chosen field - image, tools and communications skills - make it sound interesting etc.


Get a personal assistant as soon as possible.


Rehearse say 6 unique reasons why someone should deal with you.


Join, attend & get involved in at least one community organisation.


Create and maintain your own collection of testimonials.


Prepare your personal introduction brochure and personal introduction pack.


Prepare your special report e.g. "7 important things you should do before listing your house for sale".


Get your web-site operating.


Prepare your standard letters, scripts and checklists.


Systematise your prospect generating devices.


Create and maintain your database.


Keep in touch with your database at least 6 times per year.


Recognise the special days in the lives of your database.


Establish your referral and recognition system.


Prepare & get published a series of interesting articles.


Send out a newsletter to your database regularly.


Practice, rehearse and present your introduction and sales scripts.


Seek out marketing techniques suitable for your specific line of business.


Create superior value for your customers (through their eyes) by providing benefits way in excess of the costs of dealing with you (costs include time, effort and emotional costs).