Websites Made Easy

Nick Roberts


Surveys show that 80% of consumers check out a product or service on-line beforehand yet only 32% of businesses in New Zealand have a website. Now from many discussions with clients I've heard all the excuses - too expensive, no idea where to start, worried about being gouged by web-site developers, no time, too technical - but in today's business environment not having a website is like going to the O.K. Corral with a water pistol.

Now whilst a website custom-designed for your business is best, there is a quick-fix, instant totally FREE "starter" website available right now for every business in Hawkes Bay, free for a year from MYOB and even after that, it's only $5 per month - what a fabulous deal!

MYOB Atlas websites have been specially designed for small and micro-business owners who are time-poor, have no technical knowledge, and who can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a website. You get a free domain name, a Downloads page so you can include some tips and hints and other useful information, a What's New page for new products or offers, a full shopping cart and a Paypal facility so customers can pay for products ordered on-line. Not counting the social media links and the facility to sign your visitors up to your newsletter.

If you really can't write a few words about your business get someone else to do it for you - spouse, kids, or friends. If you're still stuck, buy me a coffee at my favourite cafe and I'll write your home page for you.

I've set several MYOB Atlas sites up for poor but deserving clients of mine in my coffee break for free and it doesn't take long before they're appearing on the first page of a Google search - wow, from no web presence to first page Google status in no time at all - how amazing is that?

If you have any tax or business queries of any kind telephone 0800 ASK NICK, e-mail me at or use "Contact Us" on The information in this article is of a general nature and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specific advice.


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