Business Planning

Most small business owners spend more time planning their annual holidays than they do in their business, yet international research reveals that on average, businesses with a working business plan achieve 63% higher revenue growth and 58% higher profit growth.

Planning is:

  • Taking prudent, calculated risks rather than blindly reacting to events

  • Making the best use of available resources

  • Setting a path to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Often planning is business is informal and ill defined. You should always set out your plans in writing, however roughly, because this forces you to define your ideas clearly.

Planning is crucial to success and at the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre we are experts in business planning. We can help you set your business and personal goals, provide you with the best customised format and prompts for your business plan or write your entire plan, depending upon how much time you have or your budget.

Don't leave things to chance or risk your future, business planning with Accountancy + Business Advice Centre is a piece of cake!